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Welcome on the website of the department nephrology, dialysis, immunology and infectious diseases of the CHR Liege (Citadelle) Hospital, Belgium.

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The Regional Hospital Centre (CHR) Citadelle is a public, 935-bed hospital, in the heart of the city of Liège. It employs more than 674 physicians and over 3637 people in total.

The nephrology and immunology ward is ruled over by 5 internist physicians. They divide their time among holding office hours, supervising hospital beds and dialysis sessions. 

The dialysis ward manages chronical treatment of over 180 patients (grown ups and children). Haemodialysis, the main activity (with 40 stations), takes place on the CHR site itself, having at it's disposal the most modern monitoring equipment (the haemodiafiltration being given priority), and possessing a staff of 50 qualified nurses.

In addition, there are two self-care dialysis units, with each 5 relocated haemodialysis stations, one of them at the "Chateau Rouge" site in Herstal, and the other at the Val d'Or hospital in Grivegnée. Beyond daily activity, the Chäteau Rouge Centre offers evening treatment opportunities on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights until 23 pm,  the Val d'Or centre allowing haemodialysis for on-site hospitalized patients and those in rehabilitation. As far as possible, home dialysis (peritoneal dialysis and haemodialysis) is offered as well. 

The treatment of acute dialysis takes primarily place in the intensive care units at the CHR location, either by the intermittent long haemodialysis "SLEDD" technique - thanks to 6 mobile Genius° monitors -, or by the continuous dialysis "CVVHDF" technique, with 4 Prismaflex° monitors. 

Finally, we apply apheresis (plasmapheresis and erythrapheresis) techniques thanks to 1 Spectra Optia° monitor.

Holiday Makers are welcome (through prior arrangement), some of the members of our staff speaking Dutch, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Croatian and the Arabic language in addition to French.

To the greatest possible extent, our service privileges resort to kidney tranplant, or even combined transplants (such as kidny-pancreas, kidney-liver, kidney-heart transplants, ...), in collaboration with the universitary transplantation units (CHU Liège). The follow-up of the patients is being provided by our service.

22 999 haemodialysis - including 838 intensive care - sessions, have been managed by our service in 2019

Additional information about these diverse issues can be found on our website. Please feel free to contact us if needed.


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